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The CONTAIN Project will:

 Support transport security stakeholders (both business and administrations) in managing container security threats within logistic chains as part of an integrated approach to the efficient management of Door to Door (D2D) transportation networks;

 Provide a coherent set of ‘best of breed’, cost effective and efficient technology options for container-integrated sensor, communication and security hardware and software technologies to monitor container movements and security and business related parameters in real time, whilst addressing the technology, implication of and links to screening and detection technologies;

 Enable ports and transport networks to establish cost effective upgraded container security processes (including technologies and integration of ICT applications with customs agents and National Security Forces) and to optimise operational processes both in terms of security performance and efficiency and quality of container transport services;

 Provide added value to key investments made by EU customs organisations to achieve higher levels of protection of markets and society and to offer favourable conditions for business development focusing on improved real time risk evaluation and control;

 Provide appropriate information gathering, validation, fusion and situational awareness services to establish dependable near real time ‘corridor container traffic maps’ and their integration into a EU Container Traffic Map for use by organisations and systems established to promote and implement an integrated EU surveillance policy;

  Enable the establishment of secure trade lanes between the EU and selected trading partners;

  Assist policy makers at national and EU level to promote container security based on sound economic and technological argumentation and to benchmark container security performance in order to formulate improvement policies;

 Facilitate the further development of European standards to address and improve container security specifically and supply chain security in general and progress towards a single international shipping containers security standard.

 CONTAIN is aimed at specifying and demonstrating a European Shipping Containers Surveillance system in a global context which will encompass regulatory, policy and standardisation recommendations, new business models and advanced container security management capabilities.

 CONTAIN will demonstrate Secure Multimodal Corridor Design and Chain Monitoring & Control across international and European corridors on a full scale basis at Interporto Bologna with other focused demonstrators

 The partnership covers Security Systems Integrators, Telecommunication companies, International Security solution providers, ports, ship, rail and road transport service providers, transport ICT solution providers, research and consultancies from nine EU countries, Norway and the USA.


East West Med Demonstrator and Final Event
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Automated scanning of empty containers to be demonstrated [...]
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AB Bologna
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